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The “Français langue maternelle” (FLAM) or “French as a First Language” program is designed for children with French or dual citizenship, whose parents are either temporarily or permanently established in a non-French-speaking foreign country. The program is for children who are enrolled in local schools where the language of instruction is not French.

Classes in language and culture are organized in an extracurricular context for groups of at least 10 French and dual citizen students, from kindergarten through high school. These classes and activities in French language and culture are not intended as a substitute for students’ main school learning, but rather intended as a complement to their regular school learning, providing them with a different setting to learn in another language.

This program is organized by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad or AEFE ( The AEFE’s financial support is primarily aimed at helping associations create the foundation for a sustainable program.  The financial assistance from the AEFE is reduced over time as the program begins to take root and as the program starts to become self-sufficient. Financial support may last a maximum of 5 years.

In order to be eligible for the FLAM program (, associations must be designated non-profit organizations under French law (law of 1901) or local legislation, and must be under the direction of local parents with children affected by this initiative.  The association is solely responsible for organizing and scheduling classes and activities, and is in charge of steering and financing the project for which it is requesting the AEFE financial aid.

There are currently 20 FLAM associations in the United States.  Some of the associations’ websites are listed below.

Ecole du samedi d'Atlanta
Education française Austin (EFA)
Education Française Greater Boston (EFGB)
Ecole du samedi de Charlotte
Flam of greater Cincinnati
Dallas - Fort Worth 
Parlons français DFW
Fort Lauderdale 
Académie francophone
Hinsdale Le Centre français
Education Française Greater Houston (EFGH)
Los Angeles
Ecole Française Los Angeles - FLAM (EFLA)
Académie francophone de Miami
Education française de Floride (EFF)
Petits écoliers de Miami (APEM)
Providence Parlez-vous français ? 
New Jersey 
French ABC (Academy of Bergen County)- The French American Academy
New York 
Education française (EFNY)

Redmond - Seattle
French bilingual association (FBA)
Education française Greater Seattle (EFGSeattle) 
Education Française Sacramento (EFSAC)
San Francisco 
Education française Bay Area (EFBA)
Santa Cruz 
Education française Monterey Bay (EFMB)

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