French Dual Language Programs in NYC Public Schools

September 8, 2015 | By Fabrice Jaumont

NYC's French Dual Language Programs in public schools are open to all families interested in the French language, regardless of their own personal backgrounds. Speaking French is not a prerequisite for Anglophone parents. Students in public schools are taught classes in both French and English. Subjects such as Math, Science or History are taught in French so that it becomes a language of instruction rather than just a foreign language.

To find out more on current schools that offer French Dual Language Programs, visit the following websites for more information about bilingual schools which offer French:

Current schools – School Year 2015-2016

PS 20 - The Clinton Hill School
Brooklyn NY
718 834 6744

PS 58 - The Carroll School
Brooklyn NY
718 330 9322

PS 84 - The Lillian Weber School
New York NY
212 799 2534

PS 110 - The Monitor School
Brooklyn NY
718 383 7600

PS 133 - The William A. Butler School
Brooklyn NY
718 398 5320

PS3 - The Bedford Village School
New York NY
718 622 2960

New York French American Charter School
New York NY
212 666 4134

MS 51 - The William Alexander School
Brooklyn NY
718 369 7603

MS 256 Academic & Athletic Excellence School
New York NY
212 222 2857

School for International Studies
284 Baltic Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

For further inquiries, contact us:

Fabrice Jaumont, PhD

Education Attache, Embassy of France (NY)