"My Culture, Your Culture" - Watch it Again

April 22, 2014 | By Fabrice Jaumont

We thank you all for the interest you have shown for the conference. You can now watch the videos of the conference, My Culture, Your Culture. You can watch it in English or French.

My Culture, Your Culture

Highlights of "My Culture, Your Culture"

Watch the highlights of the 2014 conference "My Culture Your Culture: International Education for Success in the 21st Century" that took place on April 12, 2014 at the Lycée Francais de New York. More information on the conference: mycultureyourculture.net/

Cultural Identity: Mosaic or Melting Pot?

A discussion of cultural identity in a globalized society. What does it mean to be multicultural, and what challenges does it pose for society? How do we support expatriate and immigrant children to thrive in the environment of a new country? How do we educate our children and our communities to prevent discrimination?

Education K-12: Making the Most of Diversity

Panelists discuss the challenges and best practices for teaching in a culturally and linguistically diverse school. How can schools adapt to better support multilingual, multicultural children? How do we promote the benefits of a culturally diverse education to all parents? How do we make international education an asset for school-aged children?

Multiculturalism, International Education and Career Paths in the Professional World

A discussion of the advantages of an international education in higher education and the working world. What unique qualities do students educated in an international setting bring to the American college campus? How has higher education evolved to better incorporate a culturally diverse student body? What are the job prospects for globally educated, culturally adept college graduates?

Previous Conferences

Living With Two Languages

Panel 1 - Language, Emotions, and the Bilingual Brain English  French

Panel 2 - Regards Croisés: Crossing Perspectives on Bilingualism English French

Panel 3 - Eating Bilingually: Cultural Differences on Children Nutrition in France and North America English French

credits: Raymond Verdaguer

Heritage Languages and Social Cohesion

Panel 1 - Heritage Language Research and Social Cohesion Watch here

Panel 2 - Communities, Heritage Cultures, and Integration Watch here

Panel 3 - Educational Initiatives involving Heritage Languages and Cultures Watch here

credits: Raymond Verdaguer