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October 31, 2016 | By FRENCH CULTURE ATLANTA


#FrenchWorks Student Video Competition

Calling all elementary, middle and high school students! We want to hear how #FrenchWorks for you!

In conjunction with National French Week (Nov. 4-10) and the Alliance Française d’Atlanta’s annual campaign, we are launching a brand new video competition. This year’s campaign theme is #FrenchWorks. We want to engage with students (elementary through high school) all over Georgia and find out how the French language “works” for them. At the Alliance Française, it’s National #FrenchWorks Week!  Click here to learn how to participate.


#FrenchWorks for you during the fall session, with classes at all levels, starting as soon as next week.   Private lessons for those that have specific schedule needs.

French forTravelers  Nov. 12th (for beginners)       


Are you preparing for an upcoming trip to France or a francophone country? Do you need to know the basics to maneuver while abroad in a short amount of time?

This one-day, intensive workshop for beginners will give you the tools to communicate in simple French in everyday situations. It will focus on hands-on activities, and have you practice the most useful topics: greetings, counting 

money, understanding time, asking for directions, ordering food. 

Be a traveler, not a tourist. 

Register now!

Six heures of instruction. $140


Improve your skills with one of these classes:

Intermediate A2 Conversation                                             

A2 Oral Expression and Comprehension                    


Mastering the Past Tenses  (all levels)             

For more information, contact us at or 404 875 1211


                                    LUNCH & LEARN!

During the month of November, the Alliance Française will offer four new one-day classes especially designed to introduce you to the French culture and language.  

Cost is $25 per class or $90 for the package of four classes.

Uncover your connection to French language and culture. This foreign language might not be so foreign after all. This class will be taught primarily in English, providing insights to enlighten and inspire your language learning. Thursday, Nov.3, 12pm-1:30pm.

A little bit does go a long way. Being able to introduce yourself, ask some simple questions and use polite expressions will ease the flow of conversation with French speakers. Navigate travel, networking and/or professional situations with more confidence. Tuesday, Nov. 8 12pm-1:30pm.

Sharpen your cultural competency. You may not yet speak a word of French, but you'll be able to impress with your savoir-faire. Avoid embarrassing faux pas' as you discover some of the most important cultural norms and values that are the fabric of French culture. Friday Nov.11, 12pm-1:30pm.

Are you preparing for an upcoming trip to France or a Francophone country? Learn to communicate in simple French for travel situations. This class focuses on greetings, asking for directions, time, money exchange, and ordering food. Bon voyage! Thursday Nov.17, 12pm-1:30pm.


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