Poetry and War

In the context of the centennial of World War I, the Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in Chicago, with the support of DePaul University, offers to French professors in the Midwest a series of teaching tools on poetry during the War. Teaching tools adapted to fit student of various high school French levelshave been created for a selection of poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, Romain Darchy, Jean Farré, and Henry Jacques.   

You can find teaching tools on the following nine poems:

Carte postale by Guillaume Apollinaire

Exercice by Guillaume Apollinaire

Fête by Guillaume Apollinaire

Guerre by Guillaume Apollinaire

Le départ by Guillaume Apollinaire

Simultanéités by Guillaume Apollinaire

Nos rêves ont passé by Romain Darchy

Le pauvre gars que je portais by Jean Farré

Silence by Henry Jacques

Through a variety of educational activities, the teaching tools help students put the works of the poets into perspective, gain a deeper understanding of the stakes of war, as well as acquire new French language skills. For each poem, you will find a series of teaching tools adapted to French students of different levels.

The teaching tools above have been made possible by Emily Levine, student at DePaul University, and Francine Beissel, professor of the French language at Centre de Linguistique Appliquée. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact laurence.geannopulos@diplomatie.gouv.fr and denis.quenelle@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Special thanks to Professor Pascale-Anne Brault (Director of the French Program at DePaul University), Thomas Vidal, Martin Beale, Danielle Wracker, Gretel Webster, and Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz for their support and contribution to the project.