Promote French with New Video Interviews!

The newly created "Choose French and Study Abroad" Youtube channel offers a variety of interview of young students explaining the benefits of learning French.
You will find a series of interviews of students from different American universities who explain the different reasons that led them to choose French as a foreign language, presenting different and interesting perspectives. The videos can be used in class to promote the French language, and to show the various opportunities linked to learning French.
Students from all fields (Geology, Literature, Sciences, Medecine, Economics, International Relations, etc... ) tell us what learning French has brought them, from personal, academic and profesional perspectives. They explain why they would like to go back to France to study, why they want to keep their linguistic skills in their future job and life and share their experience and memories from the various cities they studied in.
This video chain will keep on expanding in the future, so stay connected to see the coming videos!