French Teaching Interns

"Our French intern is remarkable! Her flexibility, open-mindedness, and very warm personality are especially well-suited to working in our school." -International Montessori School of North Carolina

"Our intern is professional, inquisitive, caring, flexible, proactive, and a very fast learner." -Washington International School

Host a French Teaching Intern and add a unique dimension to your school’s French program!

The French Teaching Internship Program offers U.S. schools and universities the opportunity to welcome young French educators to train as teaching interns in their classrooms. Teaching Interns are sometimes referred to as Teaching Assistants or TAs.


French TAs may assist with conversation groups, language laboratories, researching and creating class materials, extra-curricular activities on campus, and appearing as guest speakers in cultural courses. They TAs may assist in a classroom setting, gaining valuable teaching skills, and helping students connect to the language and culture of France and the Francophone world in a relevant way, while contributing to the creation of a multicultural atmosphere on campus.

French Teaching Interns are placed in K-12 schools and universities all across the United States.

The French Embassy program placed French TAs in the following locations for the 2016-2017 school year: Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington State. 

View the French TA program informational card.

Logistics and Cost


Teaching Interns at the K-12 level are sponsored for visas in the "J-1 Intern" category and train a minimum of 32 hours per week under a designated mentor teacher. Under this framework, the host school is responsible for providing:

• Room and board in a host family (some schools ask two families to host in order to split the responsibility over two semesters)
• Health insurance ($75 per month, arranged through the visa sponsor agency)
• A $500 per month suggested stipend ($300 per month minimum)
• A one-time $1,690 maximum administrative fee for visa sponsorship services
• A designated mentor teacher 

Teaching Interns pay for their own plane tickets to and from France as well as visa application fees at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

The total cost of hosting a French TA at the K-12 level depends on the length of time the school wishes to host the intern. 


Assistants at the university level are sponsored for visas in the "J-1 Non-Degree Student" category and work 20 hours per week. Under this framework, the host school provides:

• Room and board
• Health insurance
A tuition and fees waiver for 2 courses per semester
• A monthly stipend of $400-$600 (adjusted for local cost of living)
• A $750 administrative fee for visa sponsorship services

K-12 and university-level teaching assistants pay for their own plane tickets to and from France as well as visa application fees at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

Recruitment and Selection

French assistants are recruited through the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP), an agency of the French Ministry of National Education. Host institutions are provided with candidate files in the early spring. It is also recommended that schools conduct phone or Skype interviews directly with candidates upon receiving the files. Host schools coordinate with the Embassy and US Sponsor organization to select their desired candidate(s) and then proceed to the application process for visa sponsorship. Host institutions are welcome to tailor the program to meet their specific needs so long as the intern's training activities remain within the J-1 visa framework.

Host School Eligibility Requirements

Host schools at the elementary and secondary levels must meet certain K-12 Host School Eligibility Requirements for visa sponsorship. Please review this document to make sure your school is eligible before proceeding.

Become a Host Institution

If your school or university would like to host a French TA, please complete the initial interest form or send us an email!


If you are a French student interested in becoming a teaching intern in the U.S., please visit the CIEP's site for potential applicants.

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